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Fracture Treatment

NOMS orthopaedic physicians are also expert at fracture (broken bone) treatment. Depending on the specific bone and position of the fracture, the bone may need immobilized or surgery may be recommended.


Total Joint Replacement

A surgical procedure in which parts of damaged joints are replaced by a prosthesis. Damage may be from arthritis or an injury. Our objective is to relieve pain and restore function. A revised total joint replacement can be performed when a replaced joint fails; a portion or all arts of the prosthesis are replaced with new ones.


Arthritis Care

The treatment of various forms of joint pain, inflammation and stiffness and, or degeneration. Care with a NOMS orthopaedic doctor involves an extensive list of surgical options as well as surgical alternatives.


Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

The portion of NOMS orthopaedic medicine involving recovery from surgery. Our focus is on best outcomes and quickest recoveries.



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